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Incredible Japanese Lego Food Art

August 24, 2016

Tary, a Japanese LEGO creator who just might be a master builder, has been making stomachs growl and confounding eyeballs with his incredible food creations using the famous colorful blocks. Sure, he also builds Star Wars characters and the motorcycle from Akira, but there’s something especially wild about seeing somewhat realistic food brought to life […]


Sick Children Get Amazing Tattoos To Make Hospital Life More Fun

July 17, 2016

Benjamin Lloyd is an artist in New Zealand who decided to give children at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital temporary tattoos. He said that he would do it if his Facebook got 50 like, and he ended up getting over 400,000! Lloyd had been airbrushing temporary tattoos for over ten years but has just started painting […]


Eerily Realistic Dolls From Russia

July 13, 2016

Michael Zajkov is a Russian artist and doll maker that constructs the most realistic dolls that you are ever likely to see. His skills are used to create these life-like dolls that blur the line between toys and the real world. Seeing how much life he puts into his creations, it would not be unexpected […]


The Outdoors Comes Inside With These Nature Themed Wool Rugs

July 1, 2016

Alexandra Kehayoglou comes from a family of rug makers in Argentina. The 34-year-old artist makes truly unique pieces. After she finished school, she began making these pieces that bring the outdoors inside. She uses scraps and threads from around her family’s factory. These stunning nature based rugs resemble moss and trees and accentuate rustic design […]


These Adorable Wool Animals Will Warm Your Heart

June 27, 2016

Russian artist Tatyana shows her love for animals by making stunning recreations with wool. She uses a needle felting technique to make the wool into the cute animal toys. She uses 100% sheep wool for the bodies of the animals and glass eyes to bring them to life. With animals as her primary source of […]


Amazing Character Mashups Of Disney and Miyazaki Movies

June 23, 2016

Dada is an artist with a great love for Disney and Miyazaki film. This artist loves drawing in so many different mediums. They are incredibly talented with color pencils and loves to mash up their favorite characters. Disney and Miyazaki’s films have some of the most iconic characters in animation. Here are some of the […]


Find The Universe Hidden Inside These Hand Painted Lockets

June 15, 2016

Space jewelry. How’s that sound? If you are in the market for a rustic hand crafted piece of jewelry that also displays your love of the cosmos, you’re in luck. Khara Ledonne runs an Etsy site where she makes just those kinds of things. The New York-based jewelry designer likes to think of her hand […]


Artist Spices Up Everyday Life By Adding Monsters

June 13, 2016

If you have ever let your mind wander, you may have daydreamed. Artists daydream quite a bit, and when they do, they picture all sorts of interesting things, and may even see them interacting with the world around them. Jasper StAubyn West has been drawing cartoons into real life and making reality more fun. These cartoon […]


3D Street Paintings Help Slow Down Drivers

May 28, 2016

India’s transport minister, Nitin Gadkari is employing an interesting new strategy to slow down dangerous drivers. By using 3D paintings on the crosswalk, he hopes that the visual illusion will catch the attention of drivers and slow them down a bit. They are trying to use this virtually painted solution in hopes that they won’t […]


Fabulous Space Jewelry To Carry The Universe With You

May 28, 2016

In a small Ukrainian workshop, talented jewelers make high-end custom pieces that are as beautiful as they are unique. One of their favorite collections is themed around space and the cosmos. With this lovely jewelry, you can carry the universe around with you wherever you go. They have necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Every piece […]

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