Cop and His Rescued Kitten Fight Crime Together

Sure, we’ve all seen cops with animal partners in the movies. We’ve also seen K-9 units in pretty much every major city, with a faithful dog patrolling with his main officer. But have you ever imagined a cop partnered with a cat? Take a look at the photos below and you won’t have to!

A police officer who goes by DonutOperator on Instagram has joined forces with Squirt the kitten after he found the little guy hiding beneath a dumpster. He says that Squirt was simply undercover, but he decided to adopt the four-legged friend anyway. Ever since, the two have been inseparable, patrolling the streets and fighting crime together. Well, let’s be honest. The officer does the crime fighting, and Squirt stays mostly at home playing with his cat peers.

Still, we imagine he does a great job guarding his partner’s home!

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DonutOperator and his little partner, on the job.


Squirt does spend most of his time at home.


He loves playing with his fellow house cats.


He’s tiny but he’s growing fast!


Even the big mama loves Squirt.


Maybe DonutOperator is the only one actually out in the streets, but still!


You can even see it on video:

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