Incredible Japanese Lego Food Art

Tary, a Japanese LEGO creator who just might be a master builder, has been making stomachs growl and confounding eyeballs with his incredible food creations using the famous colorful blocks. Sure, he also builds Star Wars characters and the motorcycle from Akira, but there’s something especially wild about seeing somewhat realistic food brought to life using snapped-together plastic.

As it turns out, there are only 40 official Master Builders around the world, and each one must be picked by Lego. These artisans work their way up over the years, accruing knowledge and skills along the way. As we see it here, Tary certainly deserves to be considered for the prestigious title!

Find more info: Tary’s Blog | Flickr | Twitter

Building a lego set like this is incredibly hard work.


It takes a very artful eye to piece together food items from angular blocks.


Just the plain pizza alone, without toppings, takes a lot of skill to look recognizable.


Here’s a cute little hamburger, loaded up with all the fixings.


This perfect little bento box has rice, veggies, and a whole lot of charm.


Here’s a detailed look at the creation.


This unique creation shows a rice bowl with tempura shrimp on top.


Lego banana. Enough said.


Okay, maybe Lego broccoli isn’t going to entice everyone.


Someone dropped their ice cream cone!


This little treat looks wonderful.


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