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This Magical Harry Potter Wedding Was Perfectly Spellbinding

August 12, 2016

Harry Potter was an amazing book and film series that swept readers to another world filled with magic and wonder. Anyone that was a fan would dream of a world of spells and magic. But there are few fans dedicated enough to the wizarding world to make their entire wedding Harry Potter themed. Thank goodness […]


Father-Daughter Photo Team Creates Chilling Horror Pictures

August 6, 2016

Photographer Joshua Hoffline, from Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in bringing nightmarish visions to life through his work. He uses props, lighting, and his own sense of the macabre to conjure scary, spooky, and downright creepy images starring his young daughters. Each of his photos looks like something you’d find in a horror movie, frozen right […]


Creative Dad Takes Truly Unique Family Photos

June 19, 2016

Jason Lee started taking pictures of his daughters back in 2006 and has since perfected the family photo. Jason is a wedding photographer who started taking pictures of his children when his mother became ill, and there was difficulty finding an opportunity to get his daughters to visit their grandmother. To solve this issue, Jason […]


Stunning Wedding Photos Use Rings To Reflect On Your Special Day

May 28, 2016

Self-taught photographer Peter Adams-Shawn has found a new way of displaying his natural photography talents. By staging beautiful shots through the reflections of wedding rings, he has been able to create wonderful reminders for lucky couples of their wedding day. These pictures, that he calls “ringscapes,” are not a simple feat. He has been working […]


Rare Samurai Photos from 1800’s Japan

May 16, 2016

During the Meiji restoration, Japan went through some major changes. In 1873 the country adopted a western-style conscripted army, and when this happened, the samurai lost their place as the armed forces of the country. The samurai were nearly 10% of the Japanese population. During the twilight of the age of the samurai, photography found […]


Photographer Smuggled These Arresting Photos Out Of North Korea

March 30, 2016

This is the story of how UK photographer Michal Huniewicz visited North Korea and came away with some fascinating photos of everyday life in the most mysterious nation on earth. Just like every other visitor to the totalitarian kingdom, Michal was told that he would be detained in the event that any unauthorized photos were taken. The […]