Real Life Babelfish Provides Real Time Translations

Everyone has had that awkward situation. You are in a foreign country, or there is a visitor to your area, and there is a language barrier getting in the way of proper communication. This can be a large problem if important things need to be communicated. Luckily a new device promises to bridge the gap between people that speak different languages.

The Pilot System is the device, and it is developed by a company known as Waverly Labs. The device works by providing real-time translations of one language directly into the ear. With a connecting app, you can select your language that you wish to translate. Currently, the languages include French, Spanish, Italian, and English. You can expect to pay $129 for the device. Seems like a great price to pay to clear up all of those embarrassing misunderstandings. If you are an avid traveler, it is almost a must have.

Find More Info: Waverly Labs

If you are familiar with Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, you know of the Babelfish, and want one.


This device is a little less fish themed but gives you the same benefits.


The app gives you complete control of what you are hearing and lets you adapt.


You can even have your choice of three sleek and beautifully designed colors.


These are unintrusive and stylish devices.


See the device in action.


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